Hello everyone, my name is Patrick Turner.
In 2012 I retired and closed my business located in Canberra, Australia.

Most recent update to the site 22 August 2014.

I no longer offer repair services to any new customers.
I have several amplifier projects underway which I may get done by 2047.
I may advertize some tube amps for sale during the next few years.

This website exists to give information about hi-fi audio systems using
vacuum tubes, some solid state, and loudspeaker ideas.

DIYers must understand all basics of electronics as described in
many books on electronics written before 1965.

My address is in the .gif image so type this into your email program.
Telephone...(02) 6241 2760.......10am to 7pm
I do NOT own a mobile phone, I am NOT at Facebook, or Twitter, and don't have Skype.

About health matters. Polite comments are welcomed.

Velosophy My interest in cycling.

POWER AMPLIFIERS. Some recent AB1 amp designs for 100W and 80W.
Many pages about tube amplifiers, 4Watts to 300Watts.
Some solid state amps and hybrid Class A amps.

FUTURE POWER AMPLIFIERS? A page on metal work.

PRE-AMPLIFIERS.   4  pages for tube line level and phono preamps.

LOUDSPEAKERS.   Several pages about full range premium quality
stereo loudspeakers, DIY speakers and testing speaker performances.

RE-ENGINEERED AMPLIFIERS.   Many pages on old amps, Quad-II, Quad-II-Forty,
Cary, EAR509, Manley Labs, Ming-Da, Tranquility, Leak, Dynaco ST70, Dynaco MkIV,
JBL amps, Jadis SET, RCA 30W.

RADIO RE-ENGINEERING.  About re-engineered AM radios.

OUTPUT TRANSFORMERS FOR SALE. 58 types of OPTs for diyers and others.
OUTPUT TRANSFORMER INFORMATION.  About OPT for sale, use, choice.
for sale. 
POWER TRANSFORMERS FOR SALE. 103 types power trans for diyers or others.
POWER TRANSFORMER INFORMATION.  Properties of PT, choice, conditions of sale.
CHOKES FOR SALE.  A page with some new and old chokes for sale.
MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE.  A small number Junk Items. 
Updated June 2012. I have a few old solid state amps, all need repairs.

SOME TUBES FOR SALE. I have small stocks of Russian output tubes and input tubes
for amps and some old tubes for AM radios.

Domestic hi-fi experience, basic technical issues,
Tube operation, basic and complex,
Output stage configurations,
Load Matching of SE and PP output tubes,

Output Transformer theory, design, calculations, examples of OPTs, winding,
Speaker Matching Transformers,
OTL amps, and alternatives,
Power Supplies for tube amps,

Power Transformers and Chokes,

Chokes for CLC filters, Choke Inputs, and anode DC feed,
AM-FM tuner, tubed,
THD measurement,
Amplifier frequency response testing,
Wien Bridge oscillators with solid state or tubes plus Schmitt Triggers,

PSU for testing tubes with variable regulated B+ from +126Vdc to +585Vdc,
Miscellaneous Schematics, power amps, preamps and other items.

REPAIRS  I retired in 2012. I cannot accept any new customers, or repair
new gear which old customers may have purchased. I offer limited repair services
for gear I have made new or re-engineered for old customers before August 2012.